Step away from the vicious cycle of booking
one-off projects

...that eat too much of your time and your life.

Get the Mini-Course Blueprint for $37

Let me guess...

  • You are here because you feel that your time is limited and you want to get out of the the exhausting cycle of prospecting for clients and doing one-off projects in exchange for money.
  • Budget for vacations and dinners with friends, family, and yourself is NEVER an issue for you. Yet you still want a passive income that will not only bring you fulfillment but will also return the time and freedom you lost somewhere along the way.
  • You're probably starting to resent the online business you've worked so hard to build for months or even years. Ugh!

The online education industry is rapidly growing with a growth projection of $450 BILLION by 2026. NOW is the perfect time for you to create a low-ticket offer that will get your foot in the door as an expert in your industry. And we have created an in-depth blueprint that will guide you throughout this process.

Can you imagine...

  • You are earning consistent revenue without needing to hop on client calls, without building a high-ticket offer that is challenging to sell or creating an email list filled with freebie seekers who will never buy from you no matter how hard you nurture them.
  • You're generating income on autopilot because you're getting known for ONE thing instead of #allthethings, and you're serving MORE people in your audience who are not ready to invest in high-ticket offers yet.
  • You're working only 10 hours a week because your mini-course is so good that while you're sleeping, people are screaming at your funnel saying 'take my money already!

For someone like you, this is a DREAM! And I want you to know that it is 100% POSSIBLE! I’ve been there before…


That’s why I can't wait to introduce you to the Mini-Course Blueprint!

If you're ready to turn your expertise into an effective online course...


I created the MINI-COURSE BLUEPRINT to help coaches and consultants build an online business that creates income and impact without trading time for money..

The MINI-COURSE BLUEPRINT is a bundle that will help you create a low-ticket digital product, attract, and sell to your ideal clients on autopilot, and achieve the life and freedom you want while only working 10 hours every single week.

The MINI-COURSE BLUEPRINT is a self-paced course with a template system + digital asset goodies, so you can confidently launch your own mini-course in 5 days!

When you implement the MINI-COURSE BLUEPRINT...

Doing marketing on your social media like throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping & praying that something will stick.
Attracting your dream clients on autopilot with your content and they can't help but will do what you tell them to do.

Hopping on sales calls with random people who want to hire you only if you can do magic and will make them money. STAT.
Working only 10 hours per week with only the people you like and will help you become a better person.

Building an email list filled with freebie seekers who are out to secretly hack your style, but will never buy from you.
Getting paid while building a quality list of buyers who will most likely to buy from you over and over again!

If you're ready to go from being a lonely solopreneur to becoming a successful online course creator, but you need someone who's just 1-2 steps ahead of you to guide the way...

You are in luck because I am offering you the MINI-COURSE BLUEPRINT with a mini price tag, but not for long!

The MINI-COURSE BLUEPRINT is a 5-lesson, step-by-step mini-course that will teach you how to build your own mini-course from inception to monetization. And unlike other courses filled with fluff and are only based on theories, this template system will teach you how to flawlessly nail the seemingly-impossible feat of creating your own digital product.
So, what is the MINI-COURSE BLUEPRINT anyways?

The Mini-Course Blueprint is a 5-lesson mini-course that teaches you how to build your own mini-course from inception to monetization. Unlike others you've probably seen which are full of fluff and based on theories, this template system will teach you how to actually get things done.

By the end of the course, you’ll…

  • Have a strategically outlined course curriculum that specifically defines the outcome your ideal clients would like to buy from you.
  • Have productized knowledge and skills in tangible products that will help your dream clients get results fast.
  • Have a sales page with a copy that actually speaks to your ideal avatar without losing your brand voice.

No long videos. No fluff. Do it at your own pace.

To make your MCB journey more VALUABLE, I have structured the course to help you learn, take action, and finally give yourself the life and freedom you only witness from other coaches and consultants....

Mini-Course Lessons

These are the daily sessions with engaging visual presentations designed to teach you one strategy to implement each day as you are creating your course from scratch.

Mini-Course Mockup Templates for Canva

You are what you sell. So make 'you' PRETTY! This graphics kit is ready-to-use mockups so that all you have to do is personalize each according to your brand!

Planning Workbook

If you're the kind of learner who is most likely to zone out in the middle of watching a video tutorial (like me!), this workbook is for you.

But wait... there's more!

In addition to the entire Mini-Course Blueprint system… I’m going to throw in these bonuses to help you gain a competitive advantage against other coaches or consultants who are also cashing in on the upward trend of the online education industry.


Offer Clarity Questionnaire

Are you looking for an irresistible offer framework for your brand-new mini-course with little to no social proof yet? This 20-question worksheet might just be everything you need to articulate its value!

Launch with Less Checklist

Not ready for a big project? No Problem! ONE IDEA is all you need. Get some traction and test your market by using the Mini-Course Blueprint in hosting a masterclass. See if people are actually interested in your ONE IDEA.

Evergreen Mini-Course Funnel Checklist

Wondering how you can increase the $$ value of every new customer that comes through the door of your business without having to hop on sales calls? This checklist might just be everything you need to automate your sales.

We love for you to be a success story we will tell to the world… So we structured the curriculum to guide you through the entire process in a self-paced yet CONSISTENT manner.

You came here not for information. You're here for organized content. That's my aim for this 5-Part Video Series.


Like you, I have also been on a Struggle Bus longer than planned My goal is for you to skip the guesswork and follow a proven path that works.


This is your ultimate fillable and printable asset that you can come back to over and over again as you marinate with your ideas and ensure alignment with your core values.


Though simplicity is key... 'energy' is everything. This design pack is 100% sure-fire to elevate your ego and feed your energy so you can create more and be more!

Enroll in the Mini-Course Blueprint today!
And be one of those coaches and consultants who never have to hop on a client call every single hour, yet still have more than enough income to live both the life they need and the life they desire.
  • Mini-Course Lessons (Valued at $497)
  • Mini-Course Mockup Templates for Canva (Valued at $197)
  • Planning Workbook (Valued at $97)
  • BONUS 1: Offer Clarity Questionnaire (Valued at $147)
  • BONUS 2: Launch with Less Checklist (Valued at $47)
  • BONUS 3: Evergreen Mini-Course Funnel Checklist (Valued at $97)
The Mini-Course Blueprint Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with this mini-course after 14 days, I will gladly refund every penny you paid for it..


I'm Marj.

I'm a freelancer turned Mini-Course Creator.

I help Coaches and Consultants turn their one-to-one service-based business into a one-to-many digital offer by packaging their knowledge into a simple yet scalable MINI-COURSE.

In 2017, I took the leap of faith and started my online business selling physical products while offering virtual services to different types of businesses both locally and online. During this pandemic, I have discovered a path that will allow most people to make money online by strategically packaging their knowledge/skills and into a course platform where others can follow.

I have finally found a SIMPLE path to building and growing an online business that allowed me to create an impact, make a decent income and do everything that I had ever wanted! My goal is to help you do the same!

Who is The Mini-Course Blueprint For?

  • Consultants who are feeling burnt out from offering one-to-one services and are looking for ways to explore the one-to-many selling business model.
  • Coaches who are struggling at enrolling high-ticket clients and are looking to find ways in serving the majority of their audience who are not ready to invest on high-ticket yet.
  • Startups who are tired of dabbling on this online space and are looking to find a path to success that aligns with their core values.
If any of these sounds like you, keep reading... because you’re exactly where you need to be.

I can't wait to welcome you into the Mini-Course Blueprint!

Learn everything you need to finally stop trading your limited time for money!


Build a course outline that clearly defines a clear path that takes your ideal clients from where they're at right now to their desired outcome.

Create tangible products that would help accelerate their win, so you can connect with your audience at a deeper level.

Write a sales page that actually lets you hear the *Cha-ching* *cha-ching* *cha-ching* payment notifications as they start comin’ through and people are BUYING with ease!

If you're still reading, there's something holding you back.
You may be asking yourself...

Get the Mini-Course Blueprint today!

...and confidently launch your own mini-course in 5 days!
  • Mini-Course Lessons (Valued at $497)
  • Mini-Course Mockup Templates for Canva (Valued at $197)
  • Planning Workbook (Valued at $97)
  • BONUS 1: Offer Clarity Questionnaire (Valued at $147)
  • BONUS 2: Launch with Less Checklist (Valued at $47)
  • BONUS 3: Evergreen Mini-Course Funnel Checklist (Valued at $97)
14-Day Money Back Guarantee