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I used to be where you are right now...

  • Booking more one-off clients than I can handle because I was under the OUTDATED impression that more clients means more income.
  • I was OVERWHELMED and OVERWORKED from doing tons of client fulfillment to the point where I had to say NO (as kindly as I can) to my kids during special days where they needed my presence. .
  • I got bashed in the head with the reality that there’s A WAY OUT of the soul-sucking situation… But, I can’t do anything because I don’t have enough time to grieve, let alone spend hours scouring the internet for a more sustainable alternative without compromising my only source of income.

Until a higher power pushed me to the point where ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

I knew I HAD to find a way out of working with clients on a one-to-one setup because my body was already signalling me of the horrible situation I will find myself in a few weeks.

And then it happened…  

One cold afternoon, while I was waiting in line at Walmart, my head got dizzy and my eyes went dark. Luckily my husband was with me at that time. He sat me on one of the benches and asked me one question I never thought he would ask that day…

“Should we call 911?”

During that time, I was working with clients front, left, and center to the point where I was skipping a lot of meals and proper sleep… depending on the cups and cups of coffee that kept me going. To cut the story short, we called 911 and an ambulance swiftly took me to the ER.

The experience made me realize working with clients alone is not the right way to go. I had to find a MORE SUSTAINABLE ALTERNATIVE. It didn’t have to be this grand, expensive digital product… just one low-ticket offer to get me started..

The point is...

  • You don’t have to go through all the horrible things I’ve gone through and sacrifice your health in pursuit of financial freedom.
  • You don’t have to endure the guilt of saying NO to invitations of family and friends that, deep inside, you want to go to but can’t. .
  • And most importantly… You don’t have to depend on one-to-one clients alone just to achieve your definition of entrepreneurial success.

Don’t get me wrong, clients are valuable and they bring a decent amount of profit. But in a modern world where opportunities from the internet are rapidly growing… You have the CHOICE to work smart instead of spending hours and hours in front of your computer doing nothing but client fulfillment.

And to top it all off… Your every ounce of effort goes directly into your client’s dreams instead of yours.

Now is the time to work on your OWN online business because when you have a one-to-many product…
Marketing your services on all social media platforms like throwing spaghetti at the wall… hoping something will stick.
Attracting your dream clients on autopilot with a low-ticket offer that gets you known for ONE THING.

Wasting hours and hours on Zoom calls with one-to-one clients, hoping they will hire you for one-off projects. And when it’s finished, you’ll be left scouring the internet yet again for another work opportunity.
Putting in the one-time effort of planning and creating a solid low-ticket offer you will sell for as many times as you please. Not to mention, you can set this up to bring you income even when you sleep.

Afraid and uninspired to scale as an online entrepreneur because you never really have the time to give yourself the chance to grow.
Creating a more sustainable source of income that will give you the time you need to plan and strategize how to grow as an online coach or consultant.

Ready to go from being a lonely, overworked solopreneur to a course-based online business?

Steal the exact blueprint that took me from burnout to consistent $2k months with 10-hour workweeks as a new course creator.

The MINI-COURSE BLUEPRINT is a 5-lesson, step-by-step mini-course that will teach you how to build your own mini-course from inception to monetization. And unlike other courses filled with fluff and are only based on theories, this template system will teach you how to flawlessly nail the seemingly-impossible feat of creating your own digital product.
The ONE THING you want to know about the MINI-COURSE BLUEPRINT.

My mission is to help overworked online entrepreneurs realize (as early as possible) you’re worth more than the money you get from your one-to-one clients.

This 5-lesson blueprint is created from my years of helping brands and businesses launch both their mini-courses and high-ticket offers. It is filled with ACTIONABLE STEPS you will do at your own pace… so you can create a more sustainable income source while gaining the confidence you need to scale and grow.

By the end of the course, you’ll have…

  • A strategically outlined course curriculum that specifically defines the outcome your ideal clients will get from you.
  • The confidence to create a no-brainer digital product from using only the skills and knowledge you have now.
  • A dedicated sales page that will speak to your ideal customer avatar while highlighting your brand voice, mission, and values.

No long videos. No fluff. Do it at your own pace.

How the Mini-Course Blueprint will help you kick-start an entrepreneurial life filled with fun, freedom, and fulfillment..

Mini-Course Lessons

After ordering, immediately kick start your journey to success using these highly-engaging videos I recorded to teach you how to plan, build, and sell your low-ticket offer from scratch.

Mini-Course Mockup Templates for Canva

Not a fan of creating everything from scratch? This editable product mockup will provide you with a super easy way to build your mini-course offer while still branding it to your liking.

Planning Workbook

Track your progress and maximize the benefits you’ll get from this online learning experience. I designed these fillable workbooks to help you learn and master the blueprint from all angles.

But wait... there's more!

In addition to the entire Mini-Course Blueprint… I’m going to throw in these bonuses to help you gain a competitive advantage against other coaches or consultants who are also cashing in on the upward trend of the online education industry.


Offer Clarity Questionnaire

Get the clarity and confidence that you need in selling a high-value, low-priced mini course product with this 20-question worksheet.

Launch with Less Checklist

Significantly reduce the risk of launching an offer that flops. This checklist will provide you with a step-by-step process of testing your idea to your target market so you know if it will sell.

Evergreen Mini-Course Funnel Checklist

Set and forget your mini course sales system and strategically ascend your customers to your offer ladder on autopilot.

I love for you to be a success story we will tell to the world… So I structured the curriculum to guide you through the entire process in a self-paced yet CONSISTENT manner.

You came here not for information. You're here for organized content. That's my aim for this 5-Part Video Series.


Like you, I have also been on a Struggle Bus longer than planned My goal is for you to skip the guesswork and follow a proven path that works.


This is your ultimate fillable and printable asset that you can come back to over and over again as you marinate with your ideas and ensure alignment with your core values.


Though simplicity is key... 'energy' is everything. This design pack is 100% sure-fire to elevate your ego and feed your energy so you can create more and be more!

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  • Mini-Course Lessons ($497 Value)
  • Mini-Course Mockup Templates for Canva ($197 Value)
  • Planning Workbook ($97 Value)
  • BONUS 1: Offer Clarity Questionnaire ( $147 Yours for FREE)
  • BONUS 2: Launch with Less Checklist ($47 Yours for FREE)
  • BONUS 3: Evergreen Mini-Course Funnel Checklist ($97 Yours for FREE)
The Mini-Course Blueprint Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with this mini-course after 14 days, I will gladly refund every penny you paid for it..


I'm Marj.

I'm a freelancer turned Mini-Course Creator.

I help Coaches and Consultants turn their one-to-one service-based business into a one-to-many digital offer by packaging their knowledge into a simple yet scalable MINI-COURSE.

In 2017, I took the leap of faith and started my online business selling physical products while offering virtual services to different types of businesses both locally and online. During the pandemic, I have discovered a path that will allow most people to make money online by strategically packaging their knowledge/skills and into a course platform where others can follow.

I have finally found a SIMPLE path to building and growing an online business that allowed me to create an impact, make a decent income and do everything that I had ever wanted! My goal is to help you do the same!

Who is The Mini-Course Blueprint For?

  • Consultants who are feeling burnt out from offering one-to-one services and are looking for ways to explore the one-to-many selling business model.
  • Coaches who are struggling at enrolling high-ticket clients and are looking to find ways in serving the majority of their audience who are not ready to invest on high-ticket yet.
  • Startups who are tired of dabbling on this online space and are looking to find a path to success that aligns with their core values.
If any of these sounds like you, keep reading... because you’re exactly where you need to be.

I can't wait to welcome you into the Mini-Course Blueprint!

Learn everything you need to finally stop trading your limited time for money!


Build a course outline that clearly defines a clear path that takes your ideal clients from where they're at right now to their desired outcome.

Create tangible products that would help accelerate their win, so you can connect with your audience at a deeper level.

Write a sales page that actually lets you hear the *Cha-ching* *cha-ching* *cha-ching* payment notifications as they start comin’ through and people are BUYING with ease!

If you're still reading, there's something holding you back.
You may be asking yourself...

Get the Mini-Course Blueprint today!

...and confidently launch your own mini-course in 5 days!
  • Mini-Course Lessons ($497 Value)
  • Mini-Course Mockup Templates for Canva ($197 Value)
  • Planning Workbook ($97 Value)
  • BONUS 1: Offer Clarity Questionnaire ( $147 Yours for FREE)
  • BONUS 2: Launch with Less Checklist ($47 Yours for FREE)
  • BONUS 3: Evergreen Mini-Course Funnel Checklist ($97 Yours for FREE)
14-Day Money Back Guarantee