Create a Solid Passive Income Stream, Validate Your Signature Framework, and Automate Your Online Education Business in 6 Weeks



Your one-to-one product or service is bringing you the money BUT in exchange for your time… and your LIFE.

Let me help you turn that around in 6 weeks!

Prepare for liftoff because in 90 days, you WILL have a freshly minted mini-course funnel that will bring the passive income, get you ‘out there,’ and help you be known for ONE THING. This step-by-step, intensive online coaching program is designed to hold you accountable to ACTUALLY launch your product from start to finish and dominate your industry.

Through my years of working with dozens of entrepreneurs during their launches, I have witnessed first hand the systems and strategies that work. We will dive deep into these systems to help you gain clarity and confidence to launch your very own mini-course in six weeks.

When the world went on lockdown, chances are you’re one of those corporate professionals working a mundane 9-5 who ventured into the idea of working for yourself.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to?

You get to work on your pajamas (well, most of the time) in your bedroom with your hair undone, and never waking up to the sound of a buzzing alarm set at 5 am.

With just your phone and your laptop, you can set up a remote office on a tiny table at a coffee shop near your place and enjoy the view outside while sipping your favorite vanilla latte.

And the best part? You are not just working…👇👇👇

🔥You are fuelling your passion and igniting your inspiration with work that is meaningful and is bringing you fulfillment.


When you work for yourself (and only with yourself), it’s so easy to get caught up in the demands of running your online business.

Suddenly, you will find yourself running into a never-ending cycle of trading your time and your life for money.

And if I’m being frank and honest, you’re still an employee… But this time, you are working for your own company.

This is the dark side of the coaching industry nobody told you about.

Imagine pitching yourself to new clients on a zoom call, hoping they will hire you for a one-off project, only to circle you back to scraping the internet for another work opportunity.

Or maybe, you are loaded with clients left, right, and center… ALL demanding more of your time and expertise in exchange for money, depleting you of the creative juices you need to fuel your own dream project.

And worse, you are constantly faced with the decision of trading special days for an important launch or a client, leaving your family and friends wondering if you are still part of their life.

And let me be the one to tell you…


There is a way out of this cycle!

My 3-Step Formula to get you out of this brutal cycle of exchanging your time for money:


Build your own low-ticket offer from scratch using the skills you already know combined with the Launched step-by-step blueprint.

Work on putting out a mini-course that will fuel your passion, ignite your mission, and amplify your values.


Gain a deeper understanding of your target market and discover the most irresistible way of selling your solution.

Structure the perfect low-ticket offer, so you can gain the confidence to build a high-ticket product using a reputable system.


Stop trading time for money with a mini-course that will be your solid passive income stream.

By the end of the program, you will have your very own mini-course that will help you build a list of buyers on autopilot!

I’m over-the-moon excited to see you LAUNCH!🔥🔥


Hey! It’s Marj!

A freelancer turned coach and course creator. Like you, I have worked with dozens of clients on a one-to-one setup for years. Being a person who values family, fulfillment, and freedom, I realized being your own employee is NEVER the answer if you want to earn more and still live a life with the people who matter.

From working as a Virtual Assistant back in 2017 to being a Certified Online Business Manager for over 5 years, I have dedicated time, holidays, weekends, and cups of coffee to helping businesses scale their brands, grow their online presence, and ultimately dominate their industries.

During my years of offering #AllTheThings, I’ve gained a deep understanding of the proven systems these entrepreneurs use to grow their businesses the SMART way. From creating irresistible digital products, leveraging one-to-many selling, customer onboarding, and community management, to the stellar team and project management. I have witnessed it all! But I still felt something was missing.

So in August of 2021, I decided I will build my own mini-course using the techniques, formulas, and strategies I’ve picked up from working with these successful leaders.

Throughout my coaching and course-creating journey, I have launched my own mini-course and made $1K in 4 days. Launched another mini-course after a month and made more. And built The Simple Tribe, a members-only community of online entrepreneurs who I help scale their businesses using actionable drip-fed steps that get them out there.

Fast forward to today, I now have 5 digital products under my name, a family of like-minded entrepreneurs, hundreds of success stories, and a single promise to YOU.

My mission with Launched! is to help you sell what you already know and master! We will do this through a one-to-many setup to help you build a solid passive income stream that will get you out of the loop of prospecting and working with one-to-one clients.

I am SUPER excited to see you skyrocket your online education business, gain the confidence you need to build a high-ticket offer and take back the freedom you lost along the way.

To your upcoming launch,



Look, I don't want to brag but...

here are some of the nice words some nice people have said about me:

Here’s A Sneak Peek of The Launched Program


How This Program Will Set You Up for GREATNESS

6 Weeks of Continuous Action Taking

 Once we start this journey together, there is no turning back. Launched! is designed to be the PUSH you need to put out a mini-course that will get you known for ONE THING. Week after week, we will hold you accountable with actionable plans that will get you closer and closer to launching the mini-course that will give you the passive income and freedom you want.

Weekly 1-on-1 Live Coaching Calls

No course creator left behind! Expect a 45-minute catch-up call with me every week where I will help you overcome roadblocks that may be stopping you or slowing you down. This is also the chance for you to ask me questions about the previous lessons, so you never have to feel like you are not ready for the BIG LAUNCH.

A Proven Mini-Course

I’ve seen, countless times, how successful low-ticket offers are created and launched. Inside this intensive group coaching program, I will teach you everything you need to know to have the clarity and confidence you need to create and automate your very own evergreen mini-course funnel from scratch.


This Program Is FOR YOU If…

  • You are a determined entrepreneur who wants to create a valuable low-ticket offer that will get your foot in the door of a rapidly growing industry.
  • You are tired, underpaid, and overwhelmed by the vicious cycle of exchanging your time for money, offering service-based packages that drain you of your energy and your life.
  • You love impacting lives through teaching students the skills you have mastered throughout the years of working with one-to-one clients.
  • You are craving for freedom and fulfillment through building a list of dedicated students and buyers who will be there to look forward to your future launches.
  • You’re tired of offering #AllTheThings and want to be known for ONE THING, so you can be the authority, the expert, and ultimately dominate your industry.
  • You love the idea of working less, yet still hit (or exceed) your monthly income goals with the help of an evergreen low-ticket offer.

This Program Is NOT For You If…

You are simply looking to generate more income by putting out a mini-course that will NEVER offer your students the value they are promised.

You’re NOT committed to going through this journey with me from start to finish. When you join this program, you are making a VOW to put out your mini-course, ready or not!

You are NOT OPEN to feedback and constructive criticism. People will look for reasons not to buy your product. Use those as your way to upgrade and refine your mini-course to be the irresistible offer it SHOULD be.

You’re a negatron who always complains, whines, and drags the energy of a group down. We are a solid community of like-minded individuals who are here to positively impact the world through online education.

You’re afraid of change. This program is designed to get you out of the brutal cycle of selling your time, and your life, for money. So acceptance that things in your day-to-day life will change is a REQUIREMENT.

Your one-way low-ticket ticket out of overwork and overwhelm

The online education industry is rising. According to an article recently published by Research and Markets, the online education industry is expected to rise to $585.48 Billion by 2027 from $269.87 Billion this year.

Now is the right time to get your foot in the door and into this upward trend, so you never have to stick with working on a one-to-one client setup.

You see when you have a one-to-many product…


And inside this 6-Week Group Coaching Program,

I will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating

your own low-ticket offer

What Launched! Grads Were Saying:

Marj over-delivered on this program!

Marj over-delivered on this program! My business partner and I were able to hold a successful masterclass, we have an upcoming Live Bootcamp and the boot camp's content will become our first mini-course. The Launched program made us step out of our comfort zone and we've developed an engaged audience along the way! If you want to launch your own mini-course and want to do it in a simple, straightforward, no-BS way, then this program is the one for you!


Marj lays it all out on the table, step-by-step...

This program was well worth my investment - just to figure out who I actually serve, how I can truly help them, and to realize I had been barking up the wrong tree… that was worth everything! Plus Marj lays it all out on the table, step-by-step, one task at a time towards building your online course business.


Marj helped me convert it into something sellable...

I had an idea, but it wasn't really a product yet. Marj helped me convert it into something sellable. Not only that, but she also gave me the strategies and tactics to promote it properly. I had never ever done a bootcamp or challenge before in my life. Marj pushed me with her tough love and it was the most terrifying but also amazing and exhilarating experience of my whole entrepreneurship. I will definitely be doing another Bootcamp very soon. I now have a beautiful lead magnet to grow my email list, a rinse-and-repeat system in place, and well-structured content that I can convert into digital products. Internally, it has given me so much confidence and reassurance that I can do this. I can confidently deliver masterclasses and bootcamps. I've also discovered my signature framework and am on my way to being known for The ONE Thing!


What You’ll Get Inside This Program

Since this is an immersive program, there is high-touch access to me and my team to ensure you never get stuck around any task.

  • 6-Week Group Coaching Program $2500 $997
  • 3x One-on-One 45-Minute Coaching Call ($997)
  • The Proven Launched! Blueprint ($500)
  • 6x Live Hot Seat Q&A Sessions ($1000)
  • Messenger Group Chat to get real-time answers to questions
  • Access to a Members-Only Facebook Group for support
  • Unlimited Voxer Access with Marj for 6 Weeks
Get over $3000 worth of BONUSES, included to skyrocket your launch and take it to the moon! - FREE

FB Ads Workshop with Robert M

There is no denying that understanding and implementing effective Facebook Ad strategies is one of the best ways to grow your business through paid traffic.

In this bonus, we will get inside the numbers and analytics of effective Facebook Ad strategies that are working today. Together with Rober M, the Facebook Ad Expert behind my success in growing my list through lead ads, we will dive deep into the Facebook ads tricks and techniques you will implement to market your mini-course.

And I Saved The Best Last…


Need a little boost of ideas and inspiration? This bonus is the perfect collection of ALL the swipes I feel will help you on your journey as a course creator.

Throughout my years of successfully creating and launching digital products, I’ve found a few templates and strategies that have worked time and time again. Inside this bonus, I will share with you different lead magnet strategies, ad copy, and welcome email sequences that have helped me start and scale my own journey as a course creator.


The reason why NOW is the BEST time to join Launched!

Still, thinking if this is the right time for you to join the program? Or maybe you are pushed back by the idea that Launched! may be opened again for enrollment sometime in the future?

Well, let me tell you…

Now is the ONLY BEST time to join this intensive 6-week learning experience with me.

This revolutionary coaching program is built around the idea of taking action, regardless if you feel ready or not. And what better way to start the ball rolling, and celebrate the core value of the program than with a motivational push in preparation for 2023?

There’s no time better than NOW to take real action toward building your online business and claiming your piece of the digital pie!

The online education industry is almost a billion-dollar-a-day industry, and it's only getting bigger.

In fact, Global Market Insights projects it will hit nearly $3 billion per day (over $1 TRILLION total) by 2028…

Earn MORE while working LESS in 6 weeks!

By the end of the program, you’ll…

  • Create a solid passive income stream in the form of an evergreen mini-course funnel built around the skills you know and master, igniting your mission and passion for helping students.
  • Validate your signature framework and understand how you will market your irresistible offer to an audience who are more likely to invest in the online learning program you have created.
  • Automate your mini-course funnel and make it work for you 24/7, so you finally have more time and freedom to spend on the things and the people that matter to you.

Launched! includes…

  • 6-Week LIVE Group Coaching Program ($2500 Value)
  • 3x One-on-One 45-Minute Coaching Call ($997 Value)
  • The Proven Launched! Blueprint ($500 Value)
  • 6x Live Hot Seat Q&A Sessions ($1000 Value)
  • Lifetime Access to the course area and resource materials
  • Messenger Group Chat to get real-time answers to questions
  • Access to a Members-Only Facebook Group for support
  • Unlimited Voxer Access with Marj for 6 Weeks! (priceless!) 

PLUS, $3000 worth of BONUSES:

  • FB Ads Workshop with Robert 
  • My Evergreen Ad SWIPES!